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Wondering about the different things to do in the Rwenzori Mountains. We have compiled a list of the most popular adventure activities that you can do in the Rwenzoris. From the popular Rwenzori trekking safaris to the highest peaks of the Rwenzoris to day hikes in the park, there are several adventures that are worthy taking.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing/trekking is one of top most enjoyed activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The hikes/treks lead visitors mainly to the various peaks and a complete trek can take from 9-10 days or more. The trails in Rwenzori Mountains to hit for your Rwenzori trekking include Central Circuit and Kilembe trails.


Birding-217 bird species make Rwenzori National Park one of the best birding safari destinations in Uganda and East Africa. The park has incredible birding trails to start your birding expeditions to sight birds such as the Western green tinker bird, golden winged sunbird, montane masked apalis, stripe breast tit, Kivu ground thrush, Rwenzori batis, Crimson wings, white starred robin, scarlet tufted malachite sunbird, African lammergeier, black rough wings, Abyssinian ground thrush, Ruwenzori hill babblers, illadopsis, white necked raven, African cuckoo shrike.

Ruboni village walk

Ruboni village is one of the amazing places worth embarking on guided nature walk in Rwenzori Mountains. It is interactive village with fewer than 2000 people mainly Bakonzo. Ruboni village walk ushers nature lovers to Ruboni village and you get to explore the authentic lifestyles, the daily activities/practices, learn more about the different traditions, cultures etc. The village walk is 3 hours’ walk and you will have hands on experience, making baskets. Also, get to meet the blacksmith to learn how tools are traditionally made over open fire. Other areas of interest include visiting the traditional healer who is known to make best use of floral/plant species from the forests for treating different illnesses.

The village walk includes tasting the delicious meals prepared by locals, interact with locals as elders tell amazing stories. There is also a chance to undertake traditional and drumming dancing lessons though this may come at additional cost.

Hill hike

The hill trek in the Rwenzori Mountains begin from Ruboni and you will be led by an experienced local guide. You will be led through the path characterized by incredible wildlife, bird species etc. The word Ruboni derives its name from Lukonzo language meaning clear water.

Forest hikes

The forest hikes in the Rwenzori Mountains offer amazing walking experience with a chance to keep an eye on three-horned chameleon, chimps, colobus monkeys, birds such as the Rwenzori turacos, bush bucks, giant forest hogs and many more.

Guided nature walks

Nature walks in Rwenzori Mountains take you through the diverse habitats and you enjoy amazing views of Margherita and Baker’s peak, surrounding points, River Mubuku. There are lots of primates, bird species, floral species and many more.

Cultural encounter

Mountaineering safari experiences in Rwenzori Mountains are never complete without a cultural encounter. After a thrilling trek to Margherita peak, don’t miss the exciting cultural dances, music performances at Ruboni as you also interact with the Bakonzo community.