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What to pack for Rwenzori Mountaineering adventure 2021-2022. There is a long list of things any enthusiastic hiker or climber can carry but a few essentials are a must-have. Hiking or climbing the Rwenzori Mountain ranges/Mountains of the Moon can be challenging and a successful climbing/hiking safari holiday can be achieved when you pack rightly.

What to pack

Hiking boots

When choosing the hiking boots for your Rwenzori Mountain hiking, consider the sturdy boots and they should offer ankle support as you conquer the steep slopes to the Margherita Peak 5109m. The 7-8 days or more trekking through Rwenzori Mountains can be challenging and require you strong boots. The trails like Rwenzori Central Circuit/Kilembe trail, trekkers navigate through the muddy areas, bogs, steep slopes, wooden footpath and the best choice of boots to wear are the lightweight and comfortable.

Sleeping bags

Carry good sleeping bags, warm cloths for your Rwenzori Mountaineering adventure. Preferably, carry waterproof sleeping bags to use for your overnight stay at the huts en-route to Margherita Peak. Warm clothes should also be a must have for cold nights or general weather while on Rwenzori Mountaineering adventure.

Rain jacket/gear/equipment

The weather in the Rwenzori Mountains is entirely unpredictable but with adequate preparation, you certainly have enjoyable climbing/hiking safari experience. Rain jacket or poncho is one of the essentials for your Rwenzori Mountaineering tour. A rain jacket can save you from heavy rains while still trekking along the trails of Rwenzori Mountain ranges.


A waterproof daypack is another most valuable item any climber on Rwenzori Mountaineering adventure should have. The daypack is essential for your hiking adventure to have your documents, plus several other valuable items kept safely without getting wet or damaged.

Medical or first aid kit/box

First aid kit or box comes with lots of items to help you in case of emergencies while on Rwenzori Mountaineering. Trekking through Mt. Rwenzori comes with uncertainties and with first aid kit, you can be saved. The kit comes with pack of plasters/bandages, anti sceptic wipes, gloves, sterilizers, ant malaria tabs or anti diarrhoea, liniment.

Hand gloves

Hand/Gardening gloves do play a significant part while you are on Rwenzori Mountaineering. Gloves should be put on to protect your hands not only from cold, keep them warm or have them protected from scratches. 


Find good and strong sunglasses to help protect your eyes from sun rays while climbing Rwenzori Mountains. Besides, you may also have sunscreen on your Rwenzori Mountaineering to protect your skin from sun burn.

Trekking stick/pool

Trekking/climbing pools are essential during your Rwenzori Mountaineering adventure.  They are good for providing hikers support when hiking through steep slopes or trails with bogs. Climbing pools can be found at the park briefing area or get one from the safari lodge or hotel.

There are also other equipment you may need to hire on Rwenzori Mountaineering adventure especially if you plan to conquer the Margherita peaks. These include strong climbing shoes, crampon with over 10 teeth to ease your entry to glacier, carabiner in order to rope up on glaciers and rock hiking prior the peak, long rope of over 40m with diameter of about 10mm, figure 8 descender is necessary for abseiling on the rock areas and ice axes per trekker is a must have.