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There are many research themes, targeting different scientific fields. The purpose of the researchers is first of all to carry out research projects in strict collaboration with local researchers and operators, through a common definition of the scientific programs, and the sharing of knowledge and of possible applications these studies might have.
The co-operation themes concern therefore also the scientific works: these include didactic activities, seminars and development programs on specific themes.
The themes of the research are hereby reported; for each one, the scientific responsible is indicated. Only some of these themes will be carried out in 2006. Others require a deeper dialogue with the Ugandan researchers and organisations, in order to draw ad hoc projects for which the right financial resources could be required.

  • The main objective of the research is to show an approach to the environmental studies which start from an attention to the human being. The concern for man and for his background give birth to a passion for the environment that has to be protected, especially in delicate regions such as Rwenzori Park is, in such a way that man, and especially local people, can enjoy and use it for their own development. In other words a sustainable development, that could put together the protection of the environment with the development of local people.
  • The valorisation of the undertaking and of the scientific work of Duke of Abruzzi’s expedition, through a revisitation of its scientific and mountaineering results.
  • The reaffirmation of the interest in the elaboration of a technical and scientific support in order to achieve a modern investigation of the knowledge of Rwenzori Park territory and a contribution to the scientific and cultural development of Uganda.