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Reference: Gustavo Corti

Theme of the research

Doctor Carina Rogers provided us with a detailed project concerning the renovation of the huts situated within the Rwenzori National Park. Such a huge project can be realised only within a framework of international co-operation involving Italian organisations and donors, NGOs and, most of all through a deep collaboration with Rwenzori National Park and the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices. While in Italy some few steps to verify the possible modalities of finding the right financial resources have already been done, the June 2006 trip is mainly finalised to meet the office in charge of the Rwenzori National Park in order to draw a common project plan, where RNP and UWA will be the main protagonists and beneficiaries of such an intervention, as well as the responsible for defining its guidelines. A possible way to be verified is the involvement of some local branch of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) or “L’Umana Dimora” association, in a sort of twinship finalised to the renovation of the huts themselves.