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Rwenzori Mountains hikes are the main reason why most holidaymakers throng Rwenzori Mountains National Park- RMNP. Climbing Rwenzori Mountain ranges rewards hikers/climbers with ultimately thrilling hiking adventure experiences of lifetime. Sitting in Western Uganda, at the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwenzori Mountains is a legendary block mountain with snow-capped summits, featuring 6 different mountain peaks.

Mount Rwenzori is without doubt every hikers/climbers dream hiking destination. Think of the life changing adventure and think not beyond the mesmerizing climbing tours of Rwenzori Mountains. A hike on Rwenzori Mountains usher Uganda safari holidaymakers to distinct peaks though Margherita peak is the main area of interest. To conquer Rwenzori Mountains peaks, hikers take different trails/circuits and remarkably, the trails are favorable to all hikers or climbers. Day hikes in the Rwenzori Mountain ranges/Mountains of the Moon start from trails such as Forest/day hikes, Rwenzori Central Circuit, Margherita peak trail etc.

Margherita Peak Trail

When it comes to hikes in the Rwenzori Mountains, Margherita Peak Trail is a must conquer. Margherita Peak is the prime reason why majority of climbers embark on hiking safaris in Rwenzori Mountains. Margherita Peak Trail hikes offer remarkable hikes and takes hikers from 7 to 8 days or more to have absolute trek. Keen hikers choose this trail to conquer the highest point of Rwenzori Mountains “Margherita Peak” which straddles on Mount Stanley 5109m.

Conquering Margherita Peak is worth the energies, time and amount spent. At the summits of Rwenzori Mountains, you will be amazed by the stunning views of glaciers and the surrounding places. En-route, the trail rewards hikers with incredible views of floral species, the scenic forest and if you are a good photographer, embarking on this trail never disappoints.

Central Circuit

The Central Circuit is perfect for climbers on Uganda safari and they are interested in the most challenging hikes. The Rwenzori Central Circuit is 7-9 days round hiking safari trail. Besides, it is amazingly the excellent trail to experience the Rwenzori Mountain ranges. Treks on this trail start from Nyakalengija after briefing from the park officials and you will be exploring the Mount Baker before you ascend to Mount Stanley to enjoy the magical Margherita Peaks. Hiking through the Rwenzori Central Circuit lets climbers to have easy access to all snow-capped mountain’s summits. Most travelers combine the Rwenzori trek and Bwindi gorillas, two amazing activities that can be fused into a 10-14 Day Uganda Safari.

Mahoma trail

Any nature loving traveler on hiking safari in Rwenzori Mountains, Mahoma trail should be a must hike through. The trail may require hikers to spend 3 days to complete hiking 3000m altitude. The trail offers incredible views of the peaks while enjoying the beautiful afro-montane area and trail lies along the Northern area of the mountain. It is 28kms hike and draws hikers close to the Rwenzori Mountain ranges. It is one of the off-beaten trails Rwenzori Mountains has to offer the climbers on Uganda hiking safari.

Bwamba path

Originally, the Bwamba pass was designed purposely to offer direct access to elevation range of 1500m. It ushers hikers to Abanya Rwenzori Community Group with a chance to explore the beautiful bamboo forest and also enjoy mesmerizing Rift Valley views.

Day/Forest hikes

Day hikes offer alternative treks to starter hikers on hiking safaris in the Rwenzori Mountain ranges/Mountains of the Moon. Hikers/climbers on budget or with limited time, day hikes should be a must to embark. You get to explore the magical foothills of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges and there are many trails to embark on each ushering you to dense forest around the base area.

Unlike other trails, the forest hikes take you on simple on-foot walk and don’t expect tough hikes. The day hikes offer alternative to nature loving travelers to explore and experience the Rwenzori Mountain. This comes with amazing sight of the park’s numerous species of wildlife.